I am afraid the illiberal political network has not been fatally wounded in the on-going conflict in Ukraine yet. China stands as a strong bastion, and so do Turkey, Iran, Brazil and the Philippines. Donald Trump is preparing to return to the White House (which can be taken just as a threat as a joke) and Russia has recovered from even more difficult situations before, which shows sanctions may not have been efficient. The world’s dictatorships, autocracies and hybrid regimes are already building the myth that the United States has provoked this war to sell shale gas to Europe and is operating a total media offensive to hide the truth from people. In a few months or a few years, troll politics is going to be reorganized with slightly different emphases, even more melodramatic sacrificial poses, and perhaps with less confidence - alas, as it is not a political status quo but a product of the Zeitgeist, it obviously does not go away like a nightmare.

However, taking note of the above, it is worth reviewing the effects of the recent weeks and months: the wounds which the international illiberal camp has suffered.

How much is the cult of power worth?

The foundation of the troll course’s self-image is to build a stronger, healthier, and tougher policy for the future than the decadent snowflake societies of the weakened Western martyrs’ course. The foundation of this self-image, which also determined world politics, was a modern and strong Russian army. The superpower of Vladimir Putin in recent years has been expressed in his willingness to deploy his army anywhere, which has delivered success for Moscow almost every time - in Syria and Kazakhstan as well as in Georgia and Chechnya. Russian military developments, spectacular parades, and weapons systems developed in conjunction with the close friendship with People’s Republic of China have given the impression that U.S. military supremacy has come to an end— and the fact that Vladimir Putin is increasingly using force instead of negotiation to command honor and fear all around the West.

In recent weeks, however, the myth of the Russian army and Russian armaments has clearly shattered. Perhaps too much: the West may just be on the other side of another horse - yet it is undeniable that the events of the first few weeks of the war have dealt a severe blow to a world force that is deriving its legitimacy and mission from its own strength. After all, it’s no shame, Mr. Putin if you’re not the strongest kid in the class, only if you’re playing the toughest one and yet a much smaller kid punches you in the face. The world of experience today is so virtual and its spirituality so abstract that the threat of a strong man overwhelmed by his own ability to act seems to be a real force - a war is an old and reliable instrument, though: it explores the balance of power, bursts muscles pumped with ambitious steroids like soap bubbles, and unequivocally indicates that strength is not an image but a potential.

How much is illiberal solidarity worth?

In addition to force, troll policy always emphasizes the primacy of interest. The cold rationality that determines the course of history, the ruthless Darwinism that designates the place of nations and peoples in the world, and whose reverence helps to prosper in the wilderness. Illiberals feel their federal system is stable because it is not weakened by hypocritically professed values ​​and confused moral considerations — everything is governed only by the common interest. Troll politicians don’t care who they do business with as long as they make a profit. But in recent weeks, it has also become clear that the stability of a network of relationships based solely on interests lasts as long as there is a common interest. After some thought, Viktor Orbán fled to NATO’s defense after taking a complete one eighty, and he was no longer so bothered by the decadence of the West performing GRS (gender reassignment surgery) on children, planning population change through migration, and teasing Christian values (because that’s what he thinks about the West) not even Donald Trump considered Vladimir Putin to be so brilliant a few days later anymore, and two large Chinese banks have also suspended operations in Russia, an act that clearly indicates Xin Qing’s distancing. Vladimir Putin has no friends. Or only ones like Viktor Orbán and Péter Szijjártó - and those who have such friends are very alone in the world to be honest.

Viktor Orbán’s own policies so far may cause despair: after the European center-right managed to exclude Fidesz from the EPP (European People’s Party) with great difficulty, the Hungarian prime minister set out on an ambitious project to organize a national radical internationalization in the EU. The main pillar of this was a decade-long alliance with Polish national radicals and aimed at diverting the Putin-funded European far right into one hutch and replacing the Christian democrat right with illiberals. It may not be clear how real this plan would have been without the war, but the armed conflict between the Russians and the Ukrainians has completely isolated Hungarian politics even from Poland, and the pro-Russian formations that are not governing anyway will not be able to back out of this alliance. As long as the war lasts and the sanctions are on, the situation of Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini is bleak.

What is the repeated unity and supremacy of the West?

The weapons the United States has developed in recent decades are now beginning to pay off and earn back all the money invested in them. The technological superiority of the West is indisputable in the wake of the clashes of recent events: Ukrainian forces have already inflicted significant losses on the Russian army using a fraction of Western weapons systems. At least as unexpected a turnaround is the rapid radicalization of Western public opinion and political unity with the Russians: Germany’s left-wing government is rethinking the country’s foreign policy and military doctrine, and the states of Europe are fiercely armed - the whole continent is showing strength.

The President of the United States is spectacularly trying to break with Donald Trump’s policy: he is redefining America not as a trading republic but as an empire. The Ukrainian war is an unexpected opportunity for the former superpower to regain its moral supremacy and once again demonstrate its ability to act politically and militarily - and that seems to be the case. The sheriff seems to be returning to the city in the news of war, the only question is whether the resurgent American empire has learned anything from the failures of recent decades and wants to rebuild Ukraine or just wants another depot where it can sell weapons.

What is the contradiction between imperial consciousness and snowflake sensitivity?

The main lesson of this conflict is the same as that of the 1938 Munich Convention: democracies must not show weakness, they must not betray their values ​​or their allies who count on them. However, this requires political and military force. There is no prospect of lasting European stability and peace if the states of the continent are incapable of unity, at least in energy policy, foreign policy and military policy. Both Europe, which was bled out in the twentieth century, and Hungary, which is self-sufficient in its nation-state sovereignty, are mistaken in imagining that a continent with such great economic power could survive becoming an empire. In the age of globalization, only empires will be able to assert their interests effectively - recognizing this has brought the European Union to life. If Europe does not become an armed superpower, it will be part of the American Empire at best and the Russian Empire at worst.

The cultural struggle that the martyr course, which professes the spirituality of wokeness, fights with the troll course cultivating the silent force regularly paralyzes the West, consuming its spiritual, emotional, and moral reserves. A civilization that is at war with its own skin color, gender, past, and self-consciousness, that does not believe in its own values, is not merely defenseless, but is essentially lost. It is high time the Western left was willing to re-appreciate the freedom that is the ultimate achievement of this civilization, and instead of abstractly measuring and circumventing relative degrees of freedom, it finally begins to plane against the forces of tyranny before the trouble gets even greater. From the trollocracy side Vladimir Putin is just a warning - Xin Qin-Ping is the promise.

What is the Eastern Alliance doing?

The situation of the Hungarian head of government now seems rather hopeless. He said all in on the illiberal world order and plunged the country into a conflict from which he could not come out well. The biggest challenge of his political career seems to be to convince Western elites again that he is a reliable partner who they can count on from now on (Good luck). And even if he carried out this brave operation, it would not hurt Viktor Orbán if he understood that the congratulations from Vladimir Putin on the election of Katalin Novák as president were the first to appear before the eyes and ears of the widest public media. The government media has, of course, silenced this gesture, but the Prime Minister will certainly feel that the Kremlin’s signal in that situation was not a cordiality but a threat - it says in other words that "you belong to us and now I will show the whole world, let NATO and the European Union see that I have another Belarus within its borders ”. And after 1849, 1947, and 1956 Hungary finds itself among the paws of the Siberian bear again.




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my shared thoughts

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